Mushbits - it is a cheerful and positive game for fans of logical arcade games! The bunnies Mushbits are hungry! Lead the little rabbits to their like-colored mushrooms. Click on the playing field to select a path for each bunny. But remember that Mushbits can jump only on the platforms of their own color! Levels will be more complicated: new tiles will appear, which you can activate, move and join with others. At the top you will see the number of moves in which to pass the level, to get more points for that open up BONUS LEVELS (difficult, with their own unique platforms and events). Rabbits should help each other to achieve victory! Features: * Cute characters; * Colorful graphics and funny music; * Interesting gameplay; * 30 levels + 3 bonus levels. * Absolutely FREE; Mushbits is available in English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish.



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