The plot: In 2016, scientists from Milkofsoft finally uncovered where its data rival company Mapple has set up shop - the dark side of the moon. An undercover agent is sent by Milkosoft to extract the useful information. Gameplay: Your main goal is to collect information, but in order to successfully complete the mission, you have to destroy all the enemies in the level as well. Our hero is not a fighter by choice, but prefers to destroy the enemy's various traps, mines, and other auxiliary equipment. In order to overcome the difficult terrain, you have to install (at certain points on the map) equipment, including springs and teleporters. To purchase the equipment, you must gather the information (account numbers from iPhones captured from enemies for example), which need to be converted into foreign currency. Conversion occurs when a person interacts with his ship, or mounted terminals. Also, the hero depletes his air supply, and from time to time it is necessary to replenish it by contact of the hero with the ship or the terminal set.



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