OFF Road Truck Driver

In OffRoad Truck Driver you have to carry various loads over long distances. Your task
will be the expansion of the company, and for that you must hire other drivers! You also need to
develop your character to take new orders. In the game you will find a huge world, and there is never a dull moment as the roads are fraught with danger ... A change of weather can throw a real wrench in the works!
Four kinds of trucks are available, and over 20 types of different cargoes and more ...

Do not expect to conquer the roads easily!


- Huge world (it takes 20 minutes to traverse the entire map)
- Variety of choices (25 types of cargo)
- Interactive environments (more than 50 gaming events)
- Changing weather and change of the day (rain, fog, night)
- Optimized for low-end PCs (wide choice of settings)
- Modern graphic effects
- Russian localization

And much more is waiting for you!



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