Nebula Online

Nebula Online is a space Massive Multiplayer Online Game which can be cross-played between different platforms. This Sci-Fi game is set within a 3 race-populated galaxy where players face a global conflict for universe domination.
Openly alter space and explore the universe to find resource fields, abandoned stations and habitable planets. Be aware of the defiant enemies who will challenge your power and get armed to beat their vile armies.
Conclude alliances, collect troops of like-minded soldiers and lead them to an overwhelming victory over your rivals in your quest to conquer the whole universe!
3 races
The universe is populated by three different races in war since the beginning of time: Humans: They explore the stars in an effort to expand their own knowledge of the universe's laws. Each step they take in the depths of space brings dozens more human-colonized planets.
Kriptizids: With obscure objectives in mind, the outstanding feature of this semi-material race is its secrecy: Kriptizids refuse to reveal any unnecessary information about themselves and their planets.
Borguzands: Destructive weapons, spaceships and living cities that cover entire planets are all the result of centuries of their genetic evolution. Although they have now reached a practical ideal, they are aggressive and are enshrined in their cult-like beliefs.
3 solar system types On your first flight into the space you will enter one of the starting solar systems. There are 3 types in total:
Safe: Players of another race can't enter here. Such systems can’t be captured.
Racial: Players of another race can enter such systems through the galaxy map. Such systems can be captured by other race players.
Neutral: There are no stations, workshops or factories until one of the race captures it. Real time PvP battles
You can earn PvP points by destroying enemy ships of other players and conquering star systems.
In PvP shops, which have the form of metal planets or other structures, you can buy modules and weapons. Expand the territorial domination of your race and make sure that your race is superior to others in terms of technological and social development.
Fight against other races and gain sovereignity over other communities.
Fight global space battles in real time
Choose between 3 different races: Humans, Borguzands and Kriptizids
Assemble your unique-ship through modules
Control your economy
Build your own space stations
Explore an infinite universe
Vote for your leaders
Occupy foreign territory



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