Fill Up 2

Welcome to the amusing and trange world of this game! Strange indeed: it has been shaped by the whims of the owner of this enterprise. The eccentric fellow pays to his staff according to the combinations of cars they have formed. The more complicated the combinations, the greater the earnings. Your success depends on your talent and cleverness. Well, there is also luck involved. 5 different areas with diverse climate zones, 30 varying and interesting missions wait for you. Your goal is to create a flourishing city. Step by step, you will develop your town. Architects have drafted the plans, and you must now earn money and start building and upgrade! Best of luck! unique "3-wins" В– Implementation 2 game mode - with time limit and without time limit original bonus system screen resolution 1280x1024 play through levels again to improve a results



youssef kwiri 14:04:2015, 23:49

les jeux en beux

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