Fill Up

Fill Up! What a suprise! You have inherited a gas station, but you have to prove your worthiness first by demonstrating your level of skill and mastery, in order to become a rightful owner. Build, demolish, upgrade, accomplish different tasks and you will achieve the goal. Fill Up! is about constructing and developing a petrol/gas station and completing 48 fascinating tasks related to car servicing. There are two playing modes: making a career and accomplishing random missions. The goal is to complete all tasks successfully and ultimately win the Service CUP. During the last levels of Fill Up!, you will help organize speedy car races. Tension and thrills are guaranteed! If you enjoy entertaining, fast-paced arcade games with elements of strategy, then Fill Up! is for you! Features - 2 playing modes: making a career and accomplishing random missions - 48 levels - 15 different building types - 3 to 4 upgrades for each building - 30 types of transport - 3 difficulty modes (normal, hard and easy) - possibility to create 5 separate user profiles and to use all of them at the same time - 2 different types of gameplay (for petrol station and for car races) - result summaries for each difficulty mode - level time is limited or unlimited



Anzo 09:08:2015, 04:33

Want it

vanessa 02:07:2015, 22:40

i just like it

marius 01:02:2015, 13:18

Still thinking

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