Welcome to Dice Tourney. Take part in the legendary dice tournament and become a great champion! Fight monsters in dungeons, level up your character and collect the best equipment to help you win! History! Play an exciting campaign looking for a dice tournament! Fight to the end together with your faithful assistant, a cute dragon! You have to go through many chapters with a variety of monsters and locations. Collect powerful equipment and overcome all the obstacles on your way! Trials! There are many challenges to overcome in ever-changing dungeons! Collect the ultimate gear collection and fight the great dice tournament champions! 5 stages with dozens of enemies and different rules of the game are waiting for you! Dice tournament! The dice tournament is the final stage of the game. You have to fight with all the participants of the tournament in turn. You have only a wooden sword and a health potion at your disposal! Go from start to finish and prove to everyone that you are a great champion!



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