Always wanted to test in a role of the professional billiard-player, but the destiny has led you on other way? Well! Today you have a chance to liquidate this blank in the life, having downloaded this virtual billiards! High quality 3D schedules will ship you in atmosphere billiardian club for professionals. Show the possession of a cue and learn taste of a victory or bitterness of defeat. Play you can both with the virtual contender, and with the friend, in a mode for two players. Only sober mind, a keen eye and the competent miscalculation of trajectories will define the winner in this game - here there are no accidents! Controls: Mouse - view, aiming Left Shift - Change mode (top view \ simple 3D view) W,S \ mouse wheel (Up,Down) - The strength of hitting the ball Left Mouse Button - Strike the ball Right Mouse Button - Changing the point of hitting the ball (choice of field, white ball, which will take a blow)



dali 03:11:2012, 20:23


Priolo2012 07:10:2012, 18:28

Bom !!!

zineb 19:09:2012, 22:14


Maruf 29:08:2012, 13:56

thanks bro))

nahol 05:08:2012, 19:06


nahooul 05:08:2012, 19:05

merci pour le jeu

Tom 04:08:2012, 02:36

Keep up the good work guys, recommended this site to all my mates for free games, and other useful stuff. Keep up the good work :D !

coolgirl 23:07:2012, 01:48


darwin 01:07:2012, 13:18

Amazing product

amiko shengelaia 29:05:2012, 03:54


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