Air Pirates

3D screensaver imagines the world of Air Pirates. The atmosphere of steam-punk, floating islands and ships and strange sounds create a mysterious world for the game. A lone ship, flying through the vast expanses of water from horizon to horizon. The panoramic camera allows you to examine the landscape from all sides. Living is collected on a three-dimensional game. In order to run the video card should support shaders, SM2.0 - SM3.0; have the video memory of at least 256MB (Most PCs made in the last 1-3 years will work. On older models, give it a try!) Installing the screensaver is simple: right click on the file Air Pirates.scr, choose from the menu - a test. If the screensaver is displayed correctly on your PC configuration, then right click on the file Air Pirates.scr again, in the menu, to install.



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